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Unleash your Potential

Unleash your Potential
Unleash your Potential

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Addicted to winning

We are addicted to winning.

When something is resisting, when we make mistakes or fail, we are filled with sadness, discouragement, anger ... We lose our self confidence, our self-esteem. We suffer from it...

What is winning? It is about nourishing our competitiveness, our ego, it is about competing ... If we win, others lose ... others who are not as "good" as we are....
What is success? It feeds our ego. It enhances this illusion of being a star, a superhero, a superman or superwoman ...

Winning and success are the illusion of having arrived, of having achieved it... And now what? Has the time stopped? That's it, I succeeded... Are you sure? What have you achieved? Does it make sense?

For me, our frustration, our endless sabotage comes from these ideas, these expectations ... winning, success ... We tend to desperately hold on to these goals, these clichés, these chimeras without connecting with what we really want deep inside... we are fooling ourselves in owning, having ... rather than being...

Far from the stereotypes, deep inside yourself ... what is / what would it be for you to win? ... What would success look like? ...

And what if happiness was not in neither ... not in winning nor in succeeding ...
If you were to let go, to let go of these chimeras, of these overwhelming ideas and focus on your true expectations, on what is really important for you ... Perhaps that would be look more like success ... don't you think?

What is important to you? What is success for you?

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