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Unleash your Potential

Unleash your Potential
Unleash your Potential

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Competitive or Supportive?

Do you Compete or do you Share?

Divide or unite? 

Feel different and disregarding with others, not wanting to know about them....
Respect the difference, seeking what the other person brings, enriching his or her approach, his or her original contribution.

Are you competitive, seeking to be more efficient, productive, valuable than the other....
Or generous, supporting the other, learning from them and looking for a win win collaboration.

Are you more in scarcity, contempt, distrust, individualism....
Or in abundance, in humility, in support, in the collective.

What's more natural to you?
Where do you feel most comfortable?

Divide or reunite?
Compete or share?
Criticize or trust?
Separate or join?