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Unleash your Potential

Unleash your Potential
Unleash your Potential

Monday, 23 March 2020

Isn’t this what we just needed?

There is a quote that says that life brings us the experiences that we need for us to grow. That there are no coincidences, nothing occurs by chance.

In some ways this crisis we are going through is no coincidence.

The past financial crisis had taught us to fight more to survive, be active, persevere, be resilient in always reinventing yourself to survive economically and socially.

This one is about stopping. Stopping and being able to slow down, breathe, reinvent the way we relate to others and go on with our work, with our careers.

There is a message for this world, for institutions and companies. There is a message for us. 

To go back to essentials, to yourself, your life, your priorities, your real ambitions and desires.

These times allow us to rediscover who we are and what surrarrounds us, to become aware of our ability to adapt, to learn and to change our daily routines. This a time to become more curious about new things, to learn and test new things, new habits.

It is a luxury to be able to go on at your own rythm, your own pace. Have you managed to slow down?  

What are these moments showing you? What are they reveiling about yourself?

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Addicted to winning

We're addicted to winning.

And when something is resisting us, when we make mistakes and/or fail, it fills us with sadness, discouragement, anger... We lose our confidence in ourselves, our self-esteem. We suffer from it...

What is winning?

It is about feeding our competitiveness, our ego, it is about competing... If we win, it means others lose... others who have not been as "good" as us...
What is winning? 
It is about feeding our ego. It's creating this illusion of being a superhero, of being a superman or a superwoman...

Winning and being successful are the illusion of having arrived, of having succeeded... and now what? Has time stopped? That's it, we've done it, we are done... Are you sure? What have we achieved? Does it make sense?

For me, our frustration, our continuous sabotage comes from these ideas, from these expectations ...of winning, of triumphing...

We cling to these goals, to these clichés, to these chimeras in desperation, without connecting to what we really want deep down. .. we delude ourselves into possessing, into having ... instead of being ...

Far from the stereotypes, deep inside you ... what is / what would it be for you to win? ... what would it look like to win?...

And if happiness was not in either of these... neither in winning nor in triumphing...
And if it was in letting go, letting go of these chimeras and ridiculous but crushing expectations and focus on your own, on what's really important to you... 
...Maybe this would be triumphant... Don't you think?

What's important to you? What is it for you to succeed?