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Unleash your Potential

Unleash your Potential
Unleash your Potential

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What is your energy level?

Do you have too much energy? Or not enough? 
Are you overwhelmed or do you lack energy?

When aligned and harmonious, your vital energy will make you move mountains
Misdirectedit may frustrate and paralyze you.

Where are you putting your energy?
    Do you use it to stay afloat, to keep up with the beat, maintain your routine and life stylesave face, hold on to your position?
   ...or ..
    Do you invest in what matters to you, in your projects, in what you have inside and is yet to fully discover, in what may emerge and transform into your future personal successes ...

And how do you manage your energy?
    Do you relentlessly consume it up to exhaustion? Are there weekends when you are so exhausted that you entirely spend them trying to relax, recoversleep...?.
   ...or ...
    Do you try and manage your energy level one moment after anotherstep by steptrying to keep a balance between the obligations your agenda imposes you and your biological rhythm, between your ambition, your drive and your inner rythm ... taking brief moments of relaxation and rest, disconnecting, taking care of yourself...?

Whatever the answer, don't blame yourself, you're doing the best you can .But if you think of it for a minute ....
What would be your commitment to yourself in managing your vital energy?

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Do you allow yourself to doubt?

  There are moments when we can be uncomfortable, misaligned, lost, distrustful ... when we may live more in our heads than in the real world ....
  These moments may be necessary to help you step back on your life, on your desires and dreams and connect with what is important to you ...
  It then may be difficult to go in the outside world, interact with others ...the world does not easily admit  people who doubt or who are in a personal search...Looking for your path may appear unprofessional, immature, unwise ... may be a pain for others ... No wonder you struggle to go out and share with others the deficiencies and doubts you have...
  While these are the moments when you might need the most attention and support, when sharing with others could help...

  When you're doubting or feeling stuck, you're like in a tunnel, and it is difficult to open your perception on other perspectives, other points of view, other paradigms ...
If one of your friends is in a similar situation, listen to him with empathy and patience ... if he agrees to be open at this point you may well help him by accompanying him through his possible options ...

Accept the moments of doubt ... Yours and others' ....
Doubting is the opportunity to explore and discover what's inside you, who you can become... and how to be yourself ...
Allow yourself to doubt!
Take the opportunity to be yourself!

What if doubting was the entry-point to self-knowledge and personal growth?

What do you think?

Monday, 9 April 2012

You fight for your company. What about your team?

You're willing to fight for the company ... And you do ...
What about your team? Are they fighting with you?
Or do you have the impression you're mostly getting everything done ...

How to share the responsibilities?
How to empower collaborators?

The management skills are a very subtle balance between inspiration, confidence, risk taking, rhythm, flowing, intimacy, responsibility and leadership.

If the director is imposing his vision and solutions too much, he will find difficult to:
- Fully understand everything that is happening,
- Really engage employees,
- Get improvements, ideas or innovations.

The team leader has to accept everything that is present in the team, all there is ... the positive and constructive ... the negative and confrontational ....
Accept and welcome everything as possibly exceptional learning opportunities ...

Accepting this uncertainty and risk taking will give influence and power to the leader ...
More like a conductor than a standard line manager...

To achieve this as leaders, they'll need to open up, connect with the team with all their humanity and accept to show their potential vulnerability...
Do you feel you've achieved it?

Are you willing to try?
Is it relevant for you?

Sunday, 1 April 2012

What is your intimate reality?

We people tend to lose ourselves in our thoughtsto live in the past and be thoughtfulnostalgicor may be fulfilled about it ... or to be in the future, enthusiastic, excited, or worried, anxious ...

We rarely live the present, here and nowWe lost the ability we had as children to live intensely in the momentbeing 100% alive in the present.

The only part of us that is always in the moment is our bodyIt never gets lost in either the past or in the futureIt is here, nowIt is. It's our only irrefutable reality.

Continuously our body communicates to us our feelingsour emotionssignals how we are at this time and how we are getting on in our lives.

It communicates us whether we are happy, enthusiastic, energetic, present .... If we are on trackif we are forcing too much or not enough ...also if we get away from our trackif we don't take care or lie to ourselves...

These signs can be soft and diffuseThey can also be strong and violent signals.

Our challenge is to understand what our body tells usand it is not easy because in general we've been telling our stories for some time... We tend to live our life in our heads ...where our vision and our interpretation of our reality have been forged.

Our reality is our body's reality.
Our path is to understand it.

BreatheListen to your body.
Breathe Authenticity What about you? Do you listen to your body?