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Tuesday 21 October 2014

Career Management: A matter of attitude

The labour market is more demanding than ever.
What is required is constantly increasing.
A Master is often a requirement to access qualified jobs.

The race for diplomas is incessant and exaggerated.
Exaggerated because what really matters for a professional actively looking are not qualifications or knowledge ...
What is important are capabilities and attitude ... Capabilities to adapt, learn, communicate, work ...
Attitude of curiosity, interest, maturity, commitment, initiative, leadership ...  ...
Studies may help achieve these qualities ... or on the contrary, turn you away from them.
The education system is mostly based on getting into a mould, on complying with criteria, on controlling knowledge, developing skills ...
It does not help being yourself, different, active, original. It does not teach you attitude.
Study, but do not expect a diploma to give you the work you dream of.
This work you will get with your attitude, your initiative and your energy.
How is your attitude?

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