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Friday 14 October 2011

How to motivate and retain competent and proactive collaborators?

We are still in the paradigm of the industrial economy in which employees are just productive resources for the company.
They are resources to fill a need, competences that fit a profile, who play a role and perform a task.

What if we changed perceptions? 
How can it be if we begin perceiving and treating these employees as key contributors to the company's development?

Quite a change of perspective for the manager and a paradigm shift for the employee!

"Come on! What are you talking about! How could a salesclerk in a shop or an accountant in an office ever become a contributor to a company's development?
These resources have to do their job and do it well. If they don’t, they are out!
There are so many candidates able to do it even better!"

How cynical!
Treated as a resource, a collaborator will never be more than a resource. Don’t expect anything more. 
And managing through the fear of unemployment may only be profitable in the very short term. The competent and high potential people will not accept it for too long...

So change your mindset. 
These employees have their say, their ideas, their thoughts and opinions.
What connects them with the business? What feeling of belonging do they have?Are they recognized in this company? Or is it: "this is what you get!"

Just imagine that these same employees, on a regular basis are given information about the business, its ambitions, activities or results ...
Imagine you develop your relationship with them, you pay attention to them, imagine you’re interested in what they say and do, that the company engages in their personal growth.

Suddenly they transform into partners! They can feel they are part of the system...
They may well become proactive people who participate in the life and development of the company.

To create commitment, flexibility and dynamism in the business, connect with your colleagues and teams, get them involved in the life of the company, let them express themselves!

These people are your capital for the future of the company!
Create contact, create intimacy with collaborators and don’t lose them!

What do you think? Is it possible or idealistic?

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