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Sunday 11 December 2011

Do you feel ownership for your company's decisions?

What feeling of ownership do you have with decisions that are made? With the company?
In a company, the decision makers are in charge. The boss, the owner, director, whoever.
How are welcomed their decisions?
Do employees take ownership for them?
Whatever the decision, it is important not to lose the teams' confidence and commitment that will take charge and boost implementation. 
Beyond the perspective that "these people are paid to do it, so they will", getting them involved with the decision, or at least taking the time and clearly explaining it generates credibility, trust and commitment. Then the spirit, strength and perseverance to transform it into a success will be potentially multiplied. As will their ability to be flexible and adapt the implementation to really generate results.
Today, in the era of communication technologies, we easily fall into the trap of one-way communication without checking the proper reception of messages and decisions.
Taking the time to review the understanding and interpretation of their communications will avoid managers being misunderstood and will empower teams.
How do you communicate? How do you check your messages' reception?


  1. There is no short cut to participatory decision making/ acceptance of decisions. It comes with building an environment of fairness and trust in the organisation. Creating a consensus among the key stakeholders who will implement/ be impacted by the decision is critical

  2. Thanks for sharing... I totally agree.