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Monday 9 April 2012

You fight for your company. What about your team?

You're willing to fight for the company ... And you do ...
What about your team? Are they fighting with you?
Or do you have the impression you're mostly getting everything done ...

How to share the responsibilities?
How to empower collaborators?

The management skills are a very subtle balance between inspiration, confidence, risk taking, rhythm, flowing, intimacy, responsibility and leadership.

If the director is imposing his vision and solutions too much, he will find difficult to:
- Fully understand everything that is happening,
- Really engage employees,
- Get improvements, ideas or innovations.

The team leader has to accept everything that is present in the team, all there is ... the positive and constructive ... the negative and confrontational ....
Accept and welcome everything as possibly exceptional learning opportunities ...

Accepting this uncertainty and risk taking will give influence and power to the leader ...
More like a conductor than a standard line manager...

To achieve this as leaders, they'll need to open up, connect with the team with all their humanity and accept to show their potential vulnerability...
Do you feel you've achieved it?

Are you willing to try?
Is it relevant for you?

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