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Tuesday 15 May 2012

How do you relate to others?

What position do you adopt in your relationships?
How do you relate? How do you usually relate?
What positions do you have in your relationships?

The balance in a relationship comes from the ability people have to communicate and listen, from their levels of openness and trust.

You can perceive a relationships you are having in 4 different basic ways: - / -, - / +, + / - and + / +.

The first sign symbolizes the image that a person has of himself in the relationship.The second symbolizes the image he has of the other person.

These types of relationship do not define the reality but the inside perception of one person  facing another person.

1 - Position - / - is totally negative, a relationship of pessimism and depression.  
2 - Position - / + is a strong feeling of being inferior, submitted.
3 - The + / - is the opposite, a perception of superiority, authority, aggressiveness and arrogance.
4 - The position + / + is one of cooperation and openness. It is the place where starts autonomy and personal development.

The position of life + / + allows

  • accepting yourself and accepting others as they are
  • connecting and being close to others
  • having the appropriate level of confidence in oneself
  • adopting an attitude of openness and negotiation
It is the basic ingredient for interdependence, the starting point of personal leadership. It's the position of assertive leaders capable of Win-Win relationships and alliances.

How do you perceive your current relationships with others?
Is something missing for you to be 100 per cent in the + / +?

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