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Monday 17 December 2012

Do you take the time necessary to make it work?

I see a lot of very dynamic and flexible companies where people run like headless chickens to react and respond to clients, colleagues, challenges, to the market, to competition...

There is a lack of clarity about what is really important, what is key to the business, what’s strategic... Some confusion between what is urgent and what is important....

When you don’t put the focus on what’s important, it becomes urgent.
Then everything becomes urgent.
And everybody reacts to urgency...

In that context, are you sure your company is performing at its best?
Do you have the necessary visibility? 
Do you adequately monitor progress and performance?
When appropriate, can you step back, review and adapt what needs to be?

How can you be proactive and not only reactive?
How can you put some structure in the company’s management?

How do you handle it?

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