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Thursday 13 February 2014

Is it time for change?

It is difficult to know when it's time to change ... Time to change strategies, tactics, attitude, posture.

It takes some time to realize that this is not working, we're not on the proper path, on the appropriate way ...

When we are accustomed to responding to challenges in a certain way, it is difficult to stop and convince yourself that it is not appropriate.

Many beliefs pollute the business world.
Personal, collective beliefs, based on past experiences, on routines, built from appearances ...

When something is not working with the desired results, do not obstinately give more of the same …
Maybe it's time to stop, to step back. change perspective, change strategy ...

Maybe you have to stop forcing destiny. sacrificing with antiquated tactics, with activities from the past .

Maybe you need to let go, to let the pressure down, to give yourself a chance to see the situation from a different perspective, from another angle ...

Time for less of the same, for something different ...

Where do you think you should stop forcing, stop putting force or pressure?
What other perspective would you like to try?

What will you let go? Where will you innovate?

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