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Sunday 12 October 2014

Are you addicted to information?

Of what information are you depending?
What information are you addicted to?

Of what data are you a prisoner?

Information is omnipresent and overly abundant.
Information is today’s prison. Today’s addiction.
Are you an addict on information?

We are drowning in an overload of information, of data, of contradictory opinions.
We are like headless chicken taken in a permanent tsunami of news, headlines, ads, mails, videos, spam….

We get lost in this profusion of useless turmoil, of unstoppable background noise…

How are you feeling in the middle of it?
Is there any relevant message you get out of all this?

The info out there is not as indispensable as you've come to believe…
It may even be unhealthy for you, invading, excessive...

Turn off everything.
Turn off your head. Break your routine.

Take time for yourself…Discover boredom...

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