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Tuesday 20 September 2016

Growing or Aging?

Individuals and organisations can go through different phases during their existence.

  • Growth phases of development where there is openness, learning, flexibility, movement, where are put in place new knowledge, habits, processes. Growth phases focus on innovation and continuous improvement of results.
  • "Aging" Phases where the focus is on stability, established, defined and repeated routines, processes and organisations. Aging Phases are efficient in stable environments, unsatisfactory in changing contexts.

Growth is about being curious, flexible, open,
having fun, doubting, listening, learning, playing.

Aging is knowledge, about knowing, having opinions, judgements, certainties, being rigid, closing oneself.

The challenge for people and for businesses is being able to be always in growth phases.
Is it possible?

People and businesses need to work their self-knowledge, their strategy, their mission, to be able to adapt and have an impact and be successful in the environment or market.

Age, Learn to know Yourself.

Create certainties about yourself, who you are, who you are not, what you want and do not want, what you need and reject. Love yourself!

Grow, Be curious and open.

Doubt everything around you, be humble, open and curious, listen, take an interest, learn. Go beyond appearances, look in all directions front, back, sideways, search, explore.

 Age and Grow

Develop your wisdom from within, being curious, humble, be an apprentice and an innovator with the surroundings and circumstances.

In what phase are you?
And your company?

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