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Tuesday 26 November 2019

Leadership is about Context & Connection

Companies strive to create accountability, ownership and leadership at all levels...

There is a perception that there are people who decide and others that execute... Relationships tend to be unbalanced, communications mainly one way... Connection between deciders and doers is low...

With what consequences?

Collaborators have low levels of motivation, commitment and engagement. Quality and service standards are average. In difficult economical environments levels of tension and stress build up and paralyse teams further more...

In reality neither the managers nor the collaborators feel happy about the situation...
The former don’t feel confident and trusting with their teams and people.
The latter don’t feel listened to nor taken into account and develop automated and routine attitudes.

Well. You know what: This could change!

Leadership is about creating the Connection and Context that enable change and that deliver performance. 
A level of Connection that enhances open and closer communications and develops intimacy, credibility, relationships, trust.
A Context that is open, not judgemental and inspiring and that makes it possible to negotiate alliances with collaborators and teams with a shared commitment on common objectives.

Context & Connection.

Work on these two key drivers and you will create the team engagement and support you've always dreamt of!

The dream team at an arm’s reach! Think about it!

Any thoughts?

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