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Friday 16 July 2021

Do you possess or are you being possessed?

Some years ago I was coaching the CEO of an important business bank. He told me an anecdote that really struck me. 

One of his top clients used to come to the bank once a month to review the performance of his assets. He actually had enough to comfortably live 100 lives. But periodically he would come to the bank office, meet with the CEO and show frustration that his money was not having the level of performance that he expected and went away sad, frustrated and angry.
One day the CEO courageously explained to him that the market did not have the same perspective as some years ago but more importantly that he could change his life by changing his perspective and being happy with an overall satisfactory performance. 

From this anecdote I have always been fascinated by our culture of possession and how that can really take control over us.

I have seen people obsessed with their house, their car, their boat, their fortune,... but also their position, status, their job, or, more surprisingly, their wife/husband , their children... trying to stop time to hold on to them and not lose them.

What is it you possess that is so valuable for you?
In return, what do you think may possess you?

Sometimes I think about all these possessions we have in our life that can jeopardize our freedom... without us being aware of it!

Where is it we need to travel lighter?
What is it you may need to let go?

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