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Saturday 12 March 2011

Do what’s important and meaningful for you

The importance of having, of owning is very much relative ...
Is the level of stress we live proportional to the amount of capital we have?

We can feel so bad when the amount of money we have is not rising anymore!
We blame ourselves so much for not increasing our assets anymore!
What sacrifices are we able to make for the sake of just increasing our capital?

Money has become the symbol of security.
With more money, more security but also more comfort, more entertainment, more pleasure.

But with more money, are we more alive?

How much money does it take to live a life in the fullest way?

When can you actually say: I have enough money! Now I can live and enjoy my life fully.
You may never! Because there may never be enough!

Make no mistake. Life is not about money.
Nor is it about security. The security sold by the system. The one that says do not worry, pay your taxes and we take care of everything.
The illusion of security, the illusion of life, that convinces us that life is routine, stability, a job, a spouse, ... the illusion where we forget about how important the present is and where we are obsessed with retiring, with finally stopping to work and enjoying life.

That’s how we end up accepting working in industries, companies or environments or having jobs that don’t appeal to us.
That sacrifice day after day just for money and for an appearance of security.

Do not spend your life accumulating property, goods, money.
Earn your living doing what’s important and meaningful for you.

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