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Wednesday 23 March 2011

Where are the leaders?

Beyond the world of politics where there is an incredible lack of inspiration, vision or courage, are there any leaders in companies?  

Big companies want leadership. They want to deliver excellence, to be creative and flexible like leaders are. They also want the vision and inspiration that leaders communicate, the motivation and mobilization they generate.
But do they accept that leaders could also be free people, free to think and to have strong values they want to live by more than anything in the world?

Who are those executives and decision makers that drive companies today?
How many of them are powerful leaders and how many are just well educated and reliable colonels driving the troops the way they are asked to?
Are these executives living in the same world as everybody is? Are they capable of seeing the big picture, being creative and thinking out of the box? Or do they have an obedient company faithfull  “copy-paste” vision of the market and of the world?
Is leadership compatible with the competitive, individualistic and short term paradigms many companies have?

This new world is a world of coherence and authenticity. Big corporations are major players on the planet and they have to take their global and social responsibilities by contributing fairly and honestly to the wellfare of mankind and ecology. Not just comunicating brilliantly.
That’s where leaders are needed. To have a broader vision on the world and on the way their companies contribute to it.

The world needs leaders. Companies need them too. More than ever.

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