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Tuesday 20 September 2011

How is your life? Is it full or empty? How do you see it? Do you live in abundance or in scarcity?

Abundance or scarcity.
These are certainly the most unfairly shared notions between people around the world...

While a few have personal fortunes that can be compared to the GDP of small countries, others have nothing ... apart from their life.

These notions, as real and intolerable they may be in the real world, are also present  in our privileged countries and affect our minds and our lives.

The context and difficulties of everyday life 
that are created by the recession turn people into victims, Victims that blame everything and everyone around them. This victimization is based on the envy or the emptiness they are feeling, on their fear of losing what they have, fear of having less.

The greed we sometimes have when we uncontrollably buy or acquire things relates a lot to filling up a void, filling up a gap, alleviating a need in order to respond to a frustration.
As if we wanted to get high like a drug addict or an acoholic ... high enough to run away from our unexciting day to day...for a time...

The way we live our lives relies heavily on these perceptions or mindsets... How do we perceive our lives? Are we happy with what we have? Or do we always want more?

How do you live? Do you enjoy the moment? Or do you always expect something, a holiday, money, a new car, … or merely that something, anything would come up...?

The abundance or scarcity are in your heads, in your minds. They have nothing to do with the money or the assets you own... Millionaires can be depressive and many poor people live happily ...

Being envious to possess more or terrified to lose what you have will never bring you serenity or happiness.

Knowing what is important to you and feeling free and detached from minor things...These may help getting closer to happiness.

Happiness is about being grateful for what you have.
And about knowing where you are going, what you say yes to and what you say no to.

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