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Sunday 25 September 2011

What kind of manager are you? How do you take on your role?

Throughout a career we evolve and gradually develop our technical and management skills.

The day comes when we take over new responsibilities and start managing people and teams.

Then come into action the management models we have created in our minds.

What is your new role? Commercial, Finance, Operations .., or General Manager? How should you interact with the teams? What should you / should you not do?

The majority of directors act in accordance with their models, beliefs and fantasies about what should be a manager's behavior.

As if taking over a position as a Director was like wearing a hat, playing an artificial role. Like an actor playing a preset scenario.

The shame is that as a result their artificial behaviour might take away any personal spontaneity or professional creativity ... Relationships become superficial and cold.

For me, the ability for executives to be themselves in their management and working roles gives them power and credibility.
Being aligned and coherent 100 percent with their role and responsibilities, being authentic and true in their relations with others give executives the capacity to inspire a much higher level of commitment and performance.

Be more connected, more present. Be more nimble and agile.

What about you? How do you see your role and how do you act it? What kind of manager are you?

Be authentic and spontaneous as a manager! Your motivation and consistency will have impact on your teams!

What do you think?

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