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Tuesday 15 November 2011

Do you feel insecure as a leader?

Take it easy!
Trying too hard produces unexpected results:
  •           The flashy leader lacks stability
  •           Trying to rush things gets you nowhere
  •          Trying to appear brilliant is not enlightened
  •          Insecure leaders try to promote themselves
  •          Impotent leaders capitalize on their position
  •          It is not easy to point how holy you are.
All these behavior come from insecurity. They feed insecurity. None of them helps the work. None contributes to the leader’s health.
The leader who knows how things happen does not do these things.
When you think you are so good, what are you comparing yourself with?  God?  Or your own insecurities?
Do you want fame? Fame will complicate your life and compromise simplicity in your comings and goings.
Is it money? The effort of trying to get rich will steal your time.
Any form of egocentricity, of selfishness, obscures your deeper self and blinds you to how things happen..
Lao Tzu

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