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Wednesday 27 June 2012

Where do you want to take your team to?

In an organization, the way a team interacts and works is a direct consequence of years of activity, practice and experience.
The specific characteristics of the team have slowly being defining and building: shared criteria, beliefs, judgments, accepted roles, common behaviours, attitudes.
Up to the unique style of communication, exchange, collaboration and work environment that exist today in the company.

There comes a time when it may be important to clarify and renew these practices and update the objectives, references, values ​​and behaviours of the team.
And it's not easy to do so from inside, because you are part of the system.

To change and improve team efficiency and results, coaching and mentoring can be interesting tools for the manager in that they allow to reflect on what is happening on a day to day basis.
Reflect on how it is being experienced by the executive.
Reflect on how it is being experienced by the team.

The coaching process allows to clarify where the executives and their teams are doing well and where perhaps they may need to adapt, change, improve their interactions and relationships.

Coaching accompanies executives in defining their vision, what they want for them and for their team, where they want to take it to...
 It facilitates the change and renewal processes of the team.

 It facilitates the executive's change and renewal process.
What about you?

Are you satisfied with your team?
How do you see it? Its motivation? What results is it achieving?

What do you want? Where do you want to take your team to?

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