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Tuesday 5 June 2012

Wise Leadership: The paradox of pushing

Too much force will backfire. Constant interventions and instigations will not make a good group. They will spoil the group.

The best group process is delicate. It cannot be pushed around. It cannot be argued over or won in a fight.
The leader who tries to control the group through force does not understand group process. Force will cost you the support of the members.

Leaders who push think they are facilitating process, when in fact they are blocking process.

They think that they are building a good group field when in fact they are destroying its coherence and creating factions.
They think that their constant interventions are a measure of ability, when in fact such interventions are crude and inappropriate.
They think that their leadership position gives them absolute authority, when in fact their behaviour diminishes respect.

The wise leader stays centered and grounded and uses the least force required to act effectively. The leader avoids egocentricity and emphasizes being rather than doing.

Lao Tsu: The Tao of Leadership

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