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Monday 17 September 2012

What labels do you put on people?

Lately, during meetings, one of your employees, partners or colleagues has shown to be lacking enthusiasm or dynamism. He has not responded to your schemes or expectations at any given time, has remained sceptical to an initiative you wanted to launch...

Since then you've put a label on him... You see him as passive, disengaged.... he lacks energy, liveliness. Something is wrong ....

As a proactive and hands on leader, you then tell him to wake up, get on to it, you raise the bar, put some pressure, over-communicate your expectations ...

No reaction, it doesn't works ... To the labels you had set at the beginning you're adding new one ... Now you see him as unreceptive, inflexible, unprofessional ...

How about you?
In this relationship, is there something you missed?

How did your labels influence your attitude?
Are you sure you've tried to understand what was happening?
Do you know where your partner really stands? How he is?
Do you want to know?

If you step back and think about what's actually happening, is your partner really as you labelled him. Are you sure he is?

What would happen if you got away from all these labels?
What could come out of your communication, from your exchanges?
How would your conversation change?

These labels we put on people limit the other, limit you, limit your possibilities and your potential as a team.
Do you want to set aside these labels from your mind?
Do you dare to try?

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. A leader is someone who possesses original qualities, of which to label others is not part of these qualities. A true leader can transform and drive others towards success even if he/she lack enthusiasm. You have to dig in and find out the root cause to that behaviour, that's what emotional intelligence is about, knowing yourself and understanding others. Labeling others is outside the scope of leadership, labels are used for objects not for people.