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Monday 24 September 2012

Management: why are emotions useful?

We are affective, emotional, social creatures. 

Companies strive to be objective and automated...They are driven by facts, data, by systems ...

Relationships inside companies are modelled on appearances, stereotypes, references that define what is success and failure. They tend to be cold, distant, inhuman ...

If at any moment a collaborator feels destabilized, uncomfortable, fragile, he will have to hide it not to be considered weak, inoperative, inefficient, incompetent ...

Any team member, however competent, can experience moments or times of insecurity, doubt, discomfort ... These periods, however short they may be, will leave a mark, like a wound in his/her motivation and energy ...

When will executives and managers look beyond and accept everything there is in a person?
Not only the rational, factual, competency based aspects.
But also the doubts, dissatisfaction, discomfort, uncertainty, sadness they may experience or feel ...

Do not fear in giving space to human feelings! It will not open the door to incompetence or indecency ... Creating intimacy with people does not make you vulnerable ... It does not decrease your influence, leadership or authority ...
It's actually the opposite: it opens the door to new possibilities, to more genuine and closer relationships, to higher motivation and commitment.
Because what limited the person has been said, expressed and taken into account with care, respect and confidentiality.

Accepting, taking into account and managing the emotions unleash the potential of individuals, teams, companies ...
It allows teams to better integrate. It creates coherence and gives sense.

Open the door to emotions.
Don't be afraid ..
Accept the small discomfort it may create in you.
You'll also learn from it.

After all, aren't you vulnerable too?

Will you? Will you dare?

What do you think?

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