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Monday 1 October 2012

Are you having a sensation of chaos?

You just never stop. you have too much to do, so many to-does, tasks, plans to prepare, manage, execute, so many people to see, so many conversations to have, so much information to gather, so many inquiries to do you feel like you're not controlling your day any more ...

You feel in a chaos. Trapped. You're not managing your agenda. Your agenda's dominating you.

You start some task, are distracted by another one, a third one comes up, you're interrupted by a fourth, you jump onto a fifth, a phone call gets your mind back to a sixth ..... You spend your day going from one thing to another, with a feeling of not delving into anything, of staying on the surface .... aimlessly, meaninglessly ...

Tell me ..... what do you want? Do you have a vision? A direction?

In everything you do, which jobs or tasks serve your purpose? Which serve your goals?
And which ones you just have to do but definitely don't contribute to your vision? Which are contaminating your days and taking you away from your path?

Do you know where to go?
When you get clear and remember your vision, when you connect with your goals,
Doesn't it seem like chaos just fades away? ...
When you are who you want to be, everything just starts to make sense again ...Don't you think?

What is important for you? What makes sense?

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