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Wednesday 23 January 2013

Do ethics require courage?

Once in a while all managers have important and complicated meetings where they need to discuss, argue, give difficult and tough feedbacks.

It's human for them to want to wriggle out sometimes, avoid difficulties or conflict, convince themselves that they can do without ...

Example: you've been postponing telling to a collaborator what's not working, what's going wrong or missing in his work or performance. You've been avoiding it for some time...

Why postpone? The situation could quickly get complicated with serious consequences...

When you have personal ethics, you need to be as honest as possible...
Tell him what is happening in a factual way, share and work with him to define actions, improvement plans, training, coaching, mentoring programs ...

Give him a chance to adapt, to be flexible and to learn!

And you'll learn a lot from doing it!

Companies need managers that have authenticity, courage and ethics.
These values ​​provide pro-activity, flexibility and deliver results.
Don't you think?

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