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Monday 18 February 2013

Professional Search: Specialist or Generalist?

When we are in search of new professional opportunities, jobs, projects or clients, it is advisable to be experts, specialists in our field.
We present what we do best, give examples, we sell our expertise.

It's good to have a specialization, to give a clear message about what we do, what we bring, our added value ....

However, with the rapidly changing labour market, the danger of being a specialist is to lock yourself in your field and not see what is happening around you.

To be competitive you need to constantly keep watch, be in connection with your market, be on the move... You need to keep evolving as a professional, adapt in selling and delivering your speciality...

What type of professional are you on your market? With your customers?

How about trying to be a Specialist and a Generalist!

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