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Sunday 24 February 2013

Is Understanding enough?

Human behaviours can generally be understood, justified, explained.

The relationship patterns, the posture, the style of management or leadership we have are the product of our history, of our family background, our education, our beliefs and opinions, our studies...

These elements have influenced our behaviours. They have programmed the way we react to external stimuli, how we relate to others, to authority, to power, the traps we fall into...
These behaviours may not be efficient in our present  contexts, experiences, and challenges.
Is being aware of it enough to solve the problem?

If you want to break or change your anchored behaviours, it requires you recognize and accept what is happening. To gain in openness and flexibility, you need to learn to feel how you are emotionally structured, your feelings, your reactions...

You then start learning ...

Personal growth is about understanding who you are and how you are, what are your strengths and your weaknesses.
It's about identifying and feeling your emotions, knowing the inclinations and reactions you have and learning to manage them ... For you to be free.

Understanding is not enough. It's a starting point.
Trying, experiencing, experimenting, that's how you learn.

Learn at emotional and physical levels, not just at rational and intellectual ones. You then start growing...

What do you think? Sounds familiar? Do you recognize yourself in any way?


  1. Very true - understanding is just scratching the surface. There are lots and lots of tools and coaches to help us identify and even understand these things about ourselves. But we need help to experiment with changing them. People who can hold us accountable to trying the scary stuff that causes real change. As coaches, this is our charge.

  2. Totally agree... Life circumstances play a major part in triggering new levels of consciousness and creating urgency... But getting on with real change generally needs the mirroring and challenging effect of a coach or therapist...