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Wednesday 27 March 2013

Do you happen to be indifferent?

Love or hate, but never be indifferent.

Indifference is the worst abuse.

Indifference is denying the existence, not respecting, leaving no space to the other.

Lately, in your working or personal life, are there any people you related or worked with and towards whom you remained indifferent? ... People you did not take the time to listen, to share with... You didn't even take a minute to know about them, recognize them, let them talk, connect.

In management, indifference kills. It can be a type of harassment.
If your team members feel like a piece of furniture, like a chair in an office, you are seriously failing somewhere. You are focusing on other fields or directions and it will certainly not contribute to delivering outstanding results.

Do not treat others as you would not like to be treated...

Communicate, socialize and exchange with your team. Make the effort and you will see the impact on their commitment, on their relationship with clients, their motivation, their results!

Is it so complicated?
Do you happen to be indifferent?

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