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Sunday 3 March 2013

What do you get out of your meetings?

In companies it is difficult to establish a system of meetings that is balanced, efficient, productive.

You can find extremes ...
Or there are not enough meetings and collaborators suffer from a lack of visibility, information, coordination, coherence and decision ...
Or there are systematic meetings that embrace everything. People get bored. Some talk too much, others say nothing... Always the same ones ... They are a waste of time but you have to be there to please the boss...

What are meetings for?
Meetings are useful to share information, results, situations, points of view, and, above all, to take decisions

Their aim is not to share the latest gossip nor to justify, evaluate or criticize others.
They must not allow to comment or address all topics, nor to exchange everything with everybody...
They should not be a routine, an obligation to reassure the boss ...
And finally they don't absolutely have to be boring, annoying, frustrating.

What meetings do you want and need to create?

Companies need flexibility, agility and commitment. Meetings are an essential device in organizations. To be in alert. To mobilize a team on clear and coordinated objectives . To take action and adapt.

A waste of time?
No!. A productive, optimized and gained time!.

What about you? What do you get out of your meetings?

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