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Wednesday 2 October 2013

Quality or Excellence ?

The difference between a good quality of service and an excellent service  is minimal at an operational level but is huge in terms of customer experience.

It is in the attention, in the caring, in a detail, in the unspoken, in the non-verbal.
It is in the balance, in doing the right things without going over.

It is in the discretion, the connection, the intimacy, the respect. No overflow. No overreactions  No exuberance. The service is appropriate, adapted, adjusted, personalized, customized.

It is on being available, open, in proposing, in letting customers decide on their own, at their own pace, in their own way.

Not imposing, not invading, letting and respecting the space, distance, time the customer desires and requires...

The Excellent service listens, is flexible, on demand, is craftsmanship. It is not standard, automated or repetitive.

Excellence comes from within, comes from the people. It can only be delivered by people who are present, motivated, happy to be there, engaged and with values.

Excellence is passion.

How do you see
your company's service level ?

Industrial or customized?

Good or Excellent?

How do customers see it?

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