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Tuesday 6 May 2014

Want to change others?

When we are young, we think that everything is possible, you can change the world, you can change others.
We put a lot of energy into it. We develop many strategies for this. We strive and make it one of our important battles.

Until we realize that no, it is not worth it. Not possible. You cannot change others. It is presumptuous and arrogant to think we can...

While we do not understand this, we lose our time trying to change others, we have a bad time not accepting what there is... We focus on aspects that do not depend on us .... We feel frustrated, discontent, dissatisfied , sad ... We struggle ...We feel nor satisfied nor free ...

The day we know we are the ones who have to change, that we have to drop these ridiculous demands, this misplaced perfectionism ... then we begin to accept what surrounds us, as it is .... and to accept others as they are ...
Then we can create change ... not to others ... but in ourselves, in our way of being, of relating to the world. We change the way we act and interact, that way that was perhaps our real source of frustration in the past...

We change our role and the world changes ... The others change ....
They are the same people but we no longer offer them the same selves, the same games, the same interactions, the same scenarios ... We do not act the same, we are not the same ...

We create new contexts that do not allow what he had before. They create something different.

We made it. We changed the world. We have changed our position, we have changed and doing so we have changed the others.


Have you experienced such a change?
Everything has changed for you too?


What do you think?

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