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Wednesday 28 May 2014

Who are you being right now?

What makes your moods , what does occupy your thoughts, what worries your nights ?

Who are you being in your job, your company , in your professional relationships?
Before uttering a single word , what does emanate from you, from your person, your posture, your gestures ?

We are who we a safe, undeniable, concrete, powerful way...
But who are you being right now...who are you being while reading these words?

What are your beliefs? Your certainties ?
What are your questions? Your challenges?

What you are focusing on...concentrating on ?
What have you abandoned...what have you left out?

How are you communicating? Who are you to your environment ?

Do you feel free and present ?
Or do you feel pressured and prisoner?

Become aware of where you are and where you want to be.
If you like what you see , you are on the right path...
If you do not like what you see, identify what is missing and fight for it ...

Are you at the service of who you want to be tomorrow ?

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