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Wednesday 10 August 2011

Our rational education and habits disconnect us from our inner self, from our body, from our emotions, feelings and desires.

When we are born we have no separate identity from the rest of the world. We are merged with our mother, we are one with the universe ... It's like having a universal, infinite wisdom, as if we knew everything. Everything is there in our body, our cells, our essence.

Growing up, we forget this wisdom. We disconnect slowly.

As children, you first must survive. We grow up thanks to the love of our parents and of our surroundings. Sometimes we become clever monkeys just to please them.

In adolescence, the issue is to be accepted and to exist. We build ourselves as adults. To define ourselves and our relations with others. With our first experiences as teenagers, we forge our style, our ways, our position with others. We grow up socially, we create our personality.

As young adults we are the direct product of our education. We just do the best we can. We adapt to what we find and in general it’s rather the circumstances that generate our first experiences.

After a few years, we reach a certain maturity and we may be misaligned with our innermost being, asking what we are doing with our lives.
Then we try to reconnect with our wisdom, with our essence.
It is not easy. Because it can be very far away from our day to day lives.

What’s happened since those first moments of our life when we ​​knew it all?
What has disconnected?

Human beings we are complex creatures.
Our strength as living beings is our intellect, our ability to think, reason and analyze things rationally and logically. This has enabled the evolution of humanity, has managed to develop civilizations, societies, technologies ... and contaminate the planet.
For our intellect is also what loses us, what crushes us. Our rational brain is what separates us from the world, from others, what disconnects us from this harmony we had at birth. It structures our beliefs, our vision of the world. Our rational brain blames us when we are not aligned with society and its expectations. It is our internal police patrol that forbids us to flow with life.

Our incessant rational reasonings force us to disconnect from what we feel, from what our body and heart tell us.

They are like layers that isolate us from ourselves. Like the layers of an onion. It is necessary to peel the onion to find back our essence, our authenticity, our body.

Because our truth is in our body.
Our mind is scarcely in the present. It is constantly revisiting the past or thinking about the future.

Our body is always in the present, here and now. It connects us with who we are, where we are and where our truth is. Our body shows us the way.

But to hear and understand it we must be connected with it, we must hear it, feel it... And being in the intellect, it is hard for us to feel the sensations and emotions in our body. We accumulate tensions, contradictions, stress, and we do not realize that we are missing connection, that we are losing ourselves.

In the last centuries of development of science and the industrial age, we were convinced that men were rational, logical, intellectual beings. These were the base of human strength and superiority.

In the last years of the twentieth century, we discovered all this was a lie.Human intelligence, however rational it may be, is based exclusively on emotions. Antonio Damasio demonstrated that a man without emotions is not capable of taking one single small decision. What a lesson!

Modern society has developed considering men as rational and intelligent robots. It's time to put emotions back in command for our societies’ development in the future.

It is time for us all to peel the onion and connect with our bodies, with our emotions, our authenticity.

Though, as we know, peeling an onion can make us cry!
It may be the price to pay for our journey to authenticity.