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Wednesday 28 November 2018

Don't let yourself be impressed

Don't let yourself be impressed by: 

Money, academic degrees, followers, appearances, clothing possessions. 

You should be impressed when you see: 

Generosity, integrity, nobility, humility, simplicity, kindness, compassion, authenticity. 

By: Juan Arévalo

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Do you feel secure as a leader?

Take it easy!
Trying too hard produces unexpected results:
  • ·         The flashy leader lacks stability
  • ·         Trying to rush things gets you nowhere
  • ·         Trying to appear brilliant is not enlightened
  • ·         Insecure leaders try to promote themselves
  • ·         Impotent leaders capitalize on their position
  • ·         It is not easy to point how holy you are.

All these behaviours come from insecurity. They feed insecurity. None of them helps the work. None contributes to the leader’s health.
The leader who knows how things happen does not do these things.

When you think you are so good, what are you comparing yourself with?  God?Or your own insecurities?
Do you want fame? Fame will complicate your life and compromise simplicity in your comings and goings.
Is it money? The effort of trying to get rich will steal your time.

Any form of egocentricity, of selfishness, obscures your deeper self and blinds you to how things happen.

Lao Tzu

Tuesday 14 August 2018

Competitive or Supportive?

Do you Compete or do you Share?

Divide or unite? 

Feel different and disregarding with others, not wanting to know about them....
Respect the difference, seeking what the other person brings, enriching his or her approach, his or her original contribution.

Are you competitive, seeking to be more efficient, productive, valuable than the other....
Or generous, supporting the other, learning from them and looking for a win win collaboration.

Are you more in scarcity, contempt, distrust, individualism....
Or in abundance, in humility, in support, in the collective.

What's more natural to you?
Where do you feel most comfortable?

Divide or reunite?
Compete or share?
Criticize or trust?
Separate or join?

Wednesday 21 February 2018

What if we became human again?

If in the interviews or meetings, we would leave our busy agendas, our ambitious goals, our invasive mobile devices, to be in the moment, listening to people, their feelings, opinions, desires, realities, ambitions....

If, in management relations, we moved from authority, from management through coercion, pressure, fear, to the establishment of individual, adult, open alliances, accepting the diversity and originality of each individual.

If in social relations, we moved from segregation, power relations, labelling, gossip, ... to tolerance, openness, curiosity and interest in others, in their dreams, ambitions, their richness... and difficulties.

If in our lives we moved from scarcity to abundance, from greed to generosity, from competition to collaboration.

If we decided to focus, to know ourselves, to build ourselves from within to give the best of us.

If we learned to listen, to create contexts for genuine exchange, to set up collaborations, to build, to move forward, to progress.

If we stopped being sheep to become lions, soldiers to be actors, resources to be leaders.
Leaders of our lives and dreams

If we respected our values, our ideas, our principles, our true desires?
And be authentic again...

What would happen then?

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Happy 2018!

Beyond Appearances and Judgments.

Beyond Reasonings and Reason.

Your truth is beyond that. 

It is in you, in your body, in your feelings, in your life,

 in your ability to let go and dare.

I wish you 

that 2018 brings you happiness and growth, 
with challenges and successes that will allow you to find

 Pleasure, Serenity, Fulfillment.

Happy 2018!