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Monday 26 November 2012

Can you ask for help?

Leaders also ask for help
"I can manage by myself. I've always done so... I'm not going to change at my age ..."

The culture in Latin countries has taught people that mature adults must be able to lead, drive and be in control of their life themselves.

Needing help or support is like showing weakness, disability, vulnerability. It's like being incomplete, immature, unprofessional, not serious, not credible ... or senile.

Do you want more in your life?
Could you ask for help?

Change is challenging.
Changing is a struggle because it requires 
unlearning, letting go, being open, flowing and learning again.
Change is life ...

Asking for help to get what you want is to be confident in yourself, in the other, in life.

Asking for help is not believing in the routine, not falling into the trap of fear, of stillness, scarcity, rigidity.
It's trusting yourself, your abilities. It's believing in abundance. It's wanting to move, to be agile, flexible and complete.

Open the door to the unknown, to doubt, to all possibilities.
It may be the price to pay to get the changes you really want to achieve in your life ...

  Would you be able to ask for help to initiate change? 

Monday 19 November 2012

Are you in a context of flexibility and development? In your business? In your life?

In what context are you?

In companies the rules and routines that slowly build up tend to limit the behaviours and attitudes to standardized styles and patterns.

Rigidity builds up at all levels. On the way people are, relate to each other or organize as teams. The consequence is that critical business issues may never be brought to discussion, even less addressed...

As if an important part of the company's reality was not perceived ... as if the organization was partially blind...

In your team, is there a context that makes it possible to raise new, innovative, unexpected topics or issues?.. A context where it's possible to doubt of things that up to then were considered certainties?

The capacity to be flexible and reinvent depends on the context that a person, a team or an executive committee are able to create ... their ability to question any established aspect that does not contribute to business objectives..

In your business are you in a context of flexibility and development?
And in your life? In what context are you?

Are you willing to create this context?
In your company? For you?
Are you willing to have faith and dare do so?

Sunday 11 November 2012

Where are you stuck?

With what models and perspective you define your environment, your situation?
Where are you blocked?
What makes you prisoner?

We grow and build our beliefs.
Thanks to them, in the past we have survived, we have achieved goals, we have succeeded.
From there we have built our opinions, our references, our logic. We have defined what we thinkhow we think, how we do things, what we should or should not do ...

Do these beliefs work for you today? Or is it time to review and renew them?

Which of your knowledge, skills and beliefs are still useful to you?
Which no longer help?
Which do you need to unlearn and forget? Which do you need to strengthen or initiate?

How to take away these rigidities that have grown on you and no longer serve you?
Would you accept getting rid of them? 
Do you dare?

Friday 2 November 2012

Is it important for you to be right?

Sometimes, at personal or professional level, we get involved in endless discussions where each one just wants one thing: be right!

These situations may have no limits as everyone sticks to his/her own vision, perception and opinion of the subject... and just doesn't listen.

Gradually the volume levels rise, there is anger, tension, stress ...
The interlocutors enter in fight mode ... they speed up, get nervous, defensive, aggressive, tense ...
It becomes vital that everybody recognize THEY are right.
What battle is this? A fight for what?
A battle to continue to exist?
A struggle to validate their beliefs? Their opinions?

During our life and experiences we gradually learn that these fights are futile. They are things you need to let go.

Wanting to absolutely be right is having a stuck, stiff, smug posture. A victim stance.
The dream of a victim is to convince of their opinion, is to sell their justifications. Their justifications to stay as they are...If others don't buy these nor agree with them, it can only be because they don't understand anything...

On the contrary, when you're responsible, when you're in charge, being right is secondary. The important thing is to get results, to learn, be flexible, be open and get closer to your goal ... Accepting that it's not important just being right.

Actually... isn't it when you finally understand you were wrong that you grow the most as a person?

Do you think I'm right? What do you think?