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Sunday 27 March 2016

Emotional intelligence: the missing link in the enterprise.

The question that is taboo in the workplace: How are you feeling?

Since Descartes and centuries of industrial development we stayed hooked to a certain idea of ​​intelligence ... it has to be rational, logical, technical, scientific, economic ... well ... mental.

Our body is a way to physically bring our highly developed brains from one meeting to the next.

Our emotions must be kept in the cloakroom. They do not belong in business, world of rationality and objectivity.

Or so we think ... because the truth is quite different.

Our truth as individuals, as teams, as businesses is far from being just rational. It is also emotional and physical.

What motivates men is not data or facts, it's passions, ambitions, emotions.
We communicate more with our being than with our words.
Let's become more aware of our individual and collective emotions, of our intuitions.
Let's listen, perceive, understand beyond words or phrases.
We will be all the more effective.

Put emotions at the center of your activities. And really ask the question to your team: 
How are you feeling? this position, this role, this company, this project ?
... and above all, listen to the answer.

What do you think?


  1. Nice reminder of what is important. Business is all about people. No matter how good our software, magic medical pill or engineering prowess the end result is that a person buys the product, another probably makes it and another helps keep your business running smoothly.

    Is the critical part in your piece listening to what the person says and trying to match their wants with the needs of your business? If that cannot be done, taking the time to explain why not is very important. It is a method of respecting the other person and more respect between people will save a lot of conflict, in and out of the work place.

    1. Thanks for your comment Barry.
      Leading businesses is about creating alliances with collaborators, customers, stakeholders... It should not be about imposing unilaterally but about co creating, about creating the right context for teams to add value to clients.