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Friday 3 June 2016

Transform Objections into Benefits!!

All Sales People fear Objections. Objections tend to destabilize you when you are presenting the value of your offering. Objections can destroy everything you worked creating.

The main impact an Objection can have on a sales or negotiation relationship is the visible tension, discomfort, uneasiness it can create in you.

What is the difference between an Objection and a Question? Your perception!

When you have an objection the first reaction is to counter-attack, convince of the contrary or justify yourself. Doing so you are not attending your client, you are staying in your agenda, in your head.
Clearly inefficient!

The challenge is to acknowledge and thank your clients for the objection. The fact they actually express it enables your relationship not to be harmed by any unspoken doubts or concerns.

Make a priority of your relationship with your client, not of responding to the objection.

An Objection is an opportunity to know and understand them better.
It is also a proof of your clients’ interest or implication.
Don’t misuse it.

Build the relationship.
Through curiosity, questioning, connection, rapport, discussion, true and open argumentation.

Transform Objections into Benefits!

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