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Wednesday 29 April 2015

The art of negotiation (3): Are you part of the problem?

What is the subject? 

What are you negotiating? 
Are you part of the subject? 

Negotiating is being able to look at a topic from all perspectives in order to study and build solutions. 

If you are part of it, you'll hardly take distance, adopt other perspectives, turn around the subject. 

Separate people from the subject. 
Isolate the subject from you or the other 
You will make it more manageable, less vital, more solvable. 

What is the subject?

Sunday 12 April 2015

Do you separate or unite?

Do you divide or bring together?

Do you feel you are different and ignore others, not wanting to know about them...
  ... or ...
Do you respect differences, looking at what others contribute to, learning from their approaches, their contributions.
Are you competitive, fighting to become more efficient and productive than the colleague ...
  ... or ...
Generous, supporting others, learning from them and building winning collaborations.

Are you in scarcity, contempt, distrust, individualism ...
... or ...
In abundance, humility, support, collective spirit.

What is more natural to you?
Where do you feel more comfortable?

Are you dividing or bringing together?
Competing or sharing?
Criticising or trusting?
Do you Separate or Unite?