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Thursday 26 February 2015

The Art of Negotiation (1) : Do you listen?

92% of the time we are in our thoughts, in our reasoning.
Although we seem to listen, we focus on ourselves.
We listen to respond, not to understand.

The basics of negotiation are to build solutions with the other party.

Listen until the end to what the other is saying.
Listen to what they say and to what is not said.

Leave them their space. 
Hear them really.
Only this will help you co-build a powerful solution.

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Do you know how to say no?

Do you know how to say no for what is important to you?
It's easy to say "yes". 
The art of leadership is knowing how to say "no".

What do you want in your life? In your work?
Where are your limits?
Do you respect them and do you get others to respect them too?

Being aware of your own desires and limits is essential to feel good about yourself ... if you can express your limits when necessary.

What is really important to you?
Where is worth putting limits?

Do not stay with an internal conflict. Express your position. Speak up. Communicate. Negotiate.

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