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Monday 28 October 2013

How do you motivate others?

If you try to convince and motivate another person to undertake or do something, they may well not hear you, not pay attention to you and you may end up in a monologue.

If you try to motivate others or force them into action, you create force, generate friction, heating and energy waste. And you generally get the opposite result : tension, stress , stiffness , ... paralysis, or flight.

These tactics remind management models of the past.

Carrot and stick models, models of the industrial age . Models adapted and efficient for repetitive production , where on a daily basis it is not necessary to think , reflect and / or innovate.

In the XXI century, in Europe , this style is maladaptive and inefficient. It becomes anachronistic.

Motivation comes from within.

There is no such thing as Motivation forced from the outside ... this is pressure, coercion.

If you relate to a person and jointly create an alliance on which you can both rely and trust each other , you create the basis of a partnership . This partnership will allow two ( or more )people to exchange , give feedback , learn ,  support and challenge each other to achieve agreed goals. The conditions are met for two people to work in an open , flexible, ambitious , productive , winning alliance to achieve shared goals.

Then there may be motivation.

When we generalize to a team, The leaders needs to create a context for the team to work in confidence , be able to face the difficulties , for it to be open , flexible, motivated , ambitious , successful .

Do you succeed in developing these types of relationships with your employees, shareholders, colleagues , managers , customers, team ...?

How would you describe your working relationship ?

How do you motivate others?

Saturday 12 October 2013

Is uncertainty holding you back?

How do you deal with uncertainty?

How do you perceive it?

In an ideal world, we would all be able to gather all the information in detail, have the time to analyse it thoroughly before taking any decision.

This would allow to be totally cautious, efficient and performing in our decision making.

Unfortunately the outside world and conditions we experience are quite different.

First, it is never possible to gather all the information; some of it is not even rational and is linked with non tangible human, emotional or political aspects.

Second, you will never have time to gather it and analyse it in detail. There will always be a hidden part, an uncertainty in the middle of it...

How do you feel about this?

Are you perfectionist enough to feel bad about it?

Or are you comfortable with having a high level understanding and with acting from there?

In day to day life, there will always be more to it than you can perceive or understand. There will always be uncertainty. It is important to accept it and be cool about it.

Leadership is about getting around and deciding in complex and uncertain environments.
It’s about relying on your intuition, on all of your senses and abilities to do so.
It’s about accepting imperfection. About flowing with the elements.
And last but not least, it’s about acting, deciding, going for it, doing.

What about you?
How do live with uncertainty?  
Is uncertainty holding you back?

How do get on with it?

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Quality or Excellence ?

The difference between a good quality of service and an excellent service  is minimal at an operational level but is huge in terms of customer experience.

It is in the attention, in the caring, in a detail, in the unspoken, in the non-verbal.
It is in the balance, in doing the right things without going over.

It is in the discretion, the connection, the intimacy, the respect. No overflow. No overreactions  No exuberance. The service is appropriate, adapted, adjusted, personalized, customized.

It is on being available, open, in proposing, in letting customers decide on their own, at their own pace, in their own way.

Not imposing, not invading, letting and respecting the space, distance, time the customer desires and requires...

The Excellent service listens, is flexible, on demand, is craftsmanship. It is not standard, automated or repetitive.

Excellence comes from within, comes from the people. It can only be delivered by people who are present, motivated, happy to be there, engaged and with values.

Excellence is passion.

How do you see
your company's service level ?

Industrial or customized?

Good or Excellent?

How do customers see it?

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