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Wednesday 17 October 2012

How long should you insist?

As Einstein said, "do not expect things to change if you continue doing the same thing."

If it's not working, is it necessary to persist in doing what you're doing?

When you are in situations of doubt, in search, unstable, you tend to look for solutions outside. You study the markets, the industries, the offerings, the opportunities. You tend to develop a contact network without much sense or much logic.

It may be quite efficient if, in doing so, you are being flexible with what is going on and if you are able to learn from it.

It's okay if you are not forgetting yourself in the process.
You are what really matters here: you, what you want, what motivates, challenges, engages you, what you are willing to learn, to achieve, to go back for more.

It's great if you are connected with your intuition, if you respect yourself in your strategies and choices, without judging yourself.

Are you being consistent and aligned with who you are?
Aren't you misled by useless schemes or beliefs?

Step back for a minute  and look at your strategies and tactics ... How are you feeling about them?
Beyond the rational and logical aspects, what is your intuition telling you? What are your guts longing for?
Are you on track? Are you going your way?

Or are you insisting?
Are you persisting with something you don't totally believe in?

What would you change to make it work? To feel coherent with yourself?

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