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Wednesday 25 November 2020

Tao of Leadership : Unbiased Leadership

Can you mediate emotional issues without taking sides or picking favourites?

Can you breathe freely and remain relaxed even in the presence of passionate fears and desires?

Are your own conflicts clarified? Is your own house clean?

Can you be gentle with all factions and lead the group without dominating?

Can you remain open and receptive, no matter what issues arise?

Can you know what is emerging, yet keep your peace while others discover for themselves?

Learn to lead in a nourishing manner.

Learn to lead without being possessive.

Learn to be helpful without taking the credit.

Learn to lead without coercion.

You can do this if you remain unbiased, clear, and down-to-earth.

Tao of Leadership -  Lao Tsu

Tuesday 14 July 2020

New Realities and tips for leaders of remote organizations

Up to some months ago most companies’ daily reality was about physically working in an office. In such “physical” work environments, even more with the so popular open space offices layouts, employees were visible to others during the most part of the working day. This made them very much aware that their behaviours and attitudes could always be possibly observed or evaluated. Depending on the companies’ cultures and rules you could find offices where employees spent more time pretending that they were working rather than doing so.
In that aspect working remotely changes the rules and is much more effective: you stop losing time and energy in pretending.

Nevertheless, when working remotely, even if you can control how and when you are visible to others, you cannot hide anymore. When having meetings, you cannot compensate your possible lack of competence or engagement with your communication and social skills. 
In the past employees could eventually hide and still be credible. It is not possible anymore.
Being involved is not enough. You must be engaged, active and performing.

What is the consequence for leaders? 
Ambiguity is no longer possible. Working remotely means you need to be much more precise and clearer about information, assignments and support. You cannot take anything for granted. You need to make sure people are aligned and committed. Communication and proactivity are key.

The other challenge is to remotely keep the team together. How can you do that? 
You need to create spaces for people to interact as a team and one to one…but always keeping momentum, avoiding everlasting virtual meetings that kill the energy and the connection. 

Finally, the main difficulty leaders are facing today is managing fear and uncertainty. The confinement restrictions were lived very differently by each one of your collaborators and the levels of stress and insecurity can be very different but also very high for everyone.

We are in the middle of a profound crisis in which we will need to invent new ways of connecting with our teams, but also face and manage the way we confront and handle ourselves these situations. More than ever our ability to have empathy, be present, close and supportive with our team members, our capacity to really listen and understand where they are, and the way we will support them will be key to our team’s future successes.

How do you manage this yourself?

Monday 20 April 2020

Accessing the Wisdom of Life

As individuals we create our own understanding of the world, our own reasoning. Since we were born we have shaped our perception of reality, our understanding of what surrounds us. Our minds have given meaning to what happens to us, to what we see and feel.

This is how our beliefs, our realities, our certainties are forged.

We do not see the world as it is,
we see the world as we are

Until the day we stumble, fall, fail.
Our reality no longer provides us with answers, our logic no longer works... We can feel confused, disoriented, lost...

Then we have to question ourselves, to adapt to these new realities that we discover. ... maybe to open up to new areas that we didn't even know existed.

Life ends up pushing you to the limits of your understanding, disorienting you.

It leads you to fail, to doubt, to let go, to fall... and to get up again.

These moments of doubt, of confusion, are challenging. They paralyze you up to the moment they open you up to new knowledge, new areas, new challenges...

In order to know you better.
To make you better.
More authentic.
To be more coherent, more focused, more productive.

To take the right path, to be the leader of your life.

Do you take advantage of these moments of doubt and confusion to grow?

Monday 23 March 2020

Isn’t this what we just needed?

There is a quote that says that life brings us the experiences that we need for us to grow. That there are no coincidences, nothing occurs by chance.

In some ways this crisis we are going through is no coincidence.

The past financial crisis had taught us to fight more to survive, be active, persevere, be resilient in always reinventing yourself to survive economically and socially.

This one is about stopping. Stopping and being able to slow down, breathe, reinvent the way we relate to others and go on with our work, with our careers.

There is a message for this world, for institutions and companies. There is a message for us. 

To go back to essentials, to yourself, your life, your priorities, your real ambitions and desires.

These times allow us to rediscover who we are and what surrarrounds us, to become aware of our ability to adapt, to learn and to change our daily routines. This a time to become more curious about new things, to learn and test new things, new habits.

It is a luxury to be able to go on at your own rythm, your own pace. Have you managed to slow down?  

What are these moments showing you? What are they reveiling about yourself?

Wednesday 26 February 2020

Addicted to winning

We're addicted to winning.

And when something is resisting us, when we make mistakes and/or fail, it fills us with sadness, discouragement, anger... We lose our confidence in ourselves, our self-esteem. We suffer from it...

What is winning?

It is about feeding our competitiveness, our ego, it is about competing... If we win, it means others lose... others who have not been as "good" as us...
What is winning? 
It is about feeding our ego. It's creating this illusion of being a superhero, of being a superman or a superwoman...

Winning and being successful are the illusion of having arrived, of having succeeded... and now what? Has time stopped? That's it, we've done it, we are done... Are you sure? What have we achieved? Does it make sense?

For me, our frustration, our continuous sabotage comes from these ideas, from these expectations ...of winning, of triumphing...

We cling to these goals, to these clichés, to these chimeras in desperation, without connecting to what we really want deep down. .. we delude ourselves into possessing, into having ... instead of being ...

Far from the stereotypes, deep inside you ... what is / what would it be for you to win? ... what would it look like to win?...

And if happiness was not in either of these... neither in winning nor in triumphing...
And if it was in letting go, letting go of these chimeras and ridiculous but crushing expectations and focus on your own, on what's really important to you... 
...Maybe this would be triumphant... Don't you think?

What's important to you? What is it for you to succeed?