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Wednesday 6 July 2016

Values ​​and Corporate Culture

What values ​​are shared and respected in your company?

Businesses and companies are under pressure to achieve high levels of production, quality, billing and generate larger results and profitability. One to one and company relationships become tense.
The most basic human values ​​may be set aside, forgotten.

Values ​​are key elements in human organisations.
Strong values ​​increase the feeling of belonging, motivation, enthusiasm, performance, energy.
When human values ​​are not respected it creates demotivation, politicking, harassment, mobbing. It enhances competition and enmity.

What culture is there in your company? 

Companies with strong values ​​can achieve excellence.
In companies without values reaching ​​normal performance standards may seem miraculous. People spend a lot of energy for very
ordinary tasks and results.

What values ​​need to be developed in your company?

A management team must ensure that strong values ​​are respected in the company. They must embody these values. But it is the people, the teams, the organisation that make these values be alive and applied on a daily basis.

Re-connect your people with individual and collective values that ​​strong and inspiring.

What do you think?
What's happening in your company?