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Tuesday 17 September 2013

The executive, aligned with himself?

The ability of a company to be aligned between its strategy, management, organization and teams is essential to provide tangible and lasting results.

People always talk about aligning the organizations but forget an important foundation: that managers themselves need to feel aligned with their own values​​, ambitions and criteria in their role within the organization.

It's Okay to invest on programs for the development of competences and skills. It delivers interesting improvements and short-term results to the business.

But if the fundamentals of the person, if the construction bases of the leader are not identified, not clarified, not aligned for action,we may well miss the real growth potential for the people and for the business.

Let people speak for themselves as individuals, not just their functions or roles.
Allow people to be themselves in their roles, with their sensitivity, their abilities and experiences, their successes and their struggles.

Giving this permission provides added value. It allows each one to find the roles that suit them best and the ways to exercise them that are best aligned with who they are. … Generating better results and learning from it.

Do you get to work on these aspects?
Do you feel aligned in your role, in your position?
What about your team?

Individual and team coaching respond to these questions and needs and bring consistency and alignment to the people within the organization ...

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Monday 9 September 2013

Leadership : Unclutter your mind

Beginners acquire new theories and techniques until their minds are cluttered with options.

Advanced students forget their many options. They allow the theories and techniques that they have learned to recede into the background.
Learn to unclutter your mind. Learn to simplify your work.

As you rely less on knowing just what to do, your work will become more direct and more powerful. You will discover that the quality of your consciousness is more potent than any technique or theory or interpretation.

Learn how fruitful the blocked group or individual suddenly becomes when you give up trying to do just the right thing.

The Tao of Leadership - Lao Tsu