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Tuesday 22 April 2014

Conflict and Negotiation: Are you part of the problem?

Effective negotiations occur when both parties are able to look at the problem from all possible angles to be open, flexible and creative when building a

Sometimes the problem is so important, what is at stake is so great that without noticing it people slowly become part of the problem.

When you are the problem, how you want to step back, not get caught , vary perspectives to propose options .... No way!

You are stuck on the issue ... you feel bad ... you take it personally ... you do not flow .

What is the problem? What do you want? What are you looking for?
Are you willing to be flexible , to listen, interact , build a solution with the other?
Or are you tense , rigid , pissed off, overwhelmed, angry...
Are you able to look at the issue with all its components,  all its potential benefits , all its possible limitations?

Put aside the labels, the prejudices.
Work on your flexibility, on your curiosity with the other.
Open yourself , go beyond appearances , be curious, listen ...
Free yourself , be creative, agile.
To do so do not block yourself emotionally.
Manage yourself, lead yourself, lead the negotiation , drive the conversation , manage the relationship with intuition and expertise .... The results depend on it.

Are you part of the problem or are you ready to co - construct a solution?

Thursday 3 April 2014

Do you want Human Resources or resourceful Humans?

Who is accountable for delivering results?
Is it the owner, the CEO, the Board, the middle managers, the employees ...?

How to influence without overwhelming, to lead without pressing, to direct without controlling?

The influence and efficiency of managers go beyond their ability to articulate and communicate what they want .... They are in their ability to be open to the others, leave them space, collaborate with them .... So they understand, express, digest what's going on... so they commit and define how they will respond with their own resources ....

At any moment managers can fall into the trap of imposing, of forcing, of pushing.
A tactic that works in the short term ... especially if the company is used to managing by fear ...
But a short-term tactic that will not trigger the people’s and teams’ essential resources ...
It will not mobilize these abilities enhanced by true commitment and passion… Abilities like creativity, flexibility, agility, transversality, transparency... Skills that respond to new situations, new challenges, new competition...

We don’t need Human Resources .. but humans with resources, people who are leaders in their personal and professional lives ... doers in the business ... business entrepreneurs.

What do you want in your team? Human Resources or resourceful Humans?

How do you manage teams?