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Wednesday 12 June 2019

Leadership: make an opinion, not a judgment.

Society brings us to judging everything. Every detail, every posture, appearances, expressions can be interpreted and used in favour or against.
The criteria are infinite. Appearance, fashion, external signs of wealth, everything is perceived, observed, dissected, used...
Used to go down the fast lane towards express and limiting judgments that enclose, that limit communication and relationships to pre-established frameworks.  
We catalogue people... do not try to know more... We are no longer curious or really open for more.
We judge with few elements and no longer have neither openness nor curiosity for more. 

This mechanism is human. We cannot avoid interpreting, thinking, simplifying, making an opinion... But let us avoid judging.
Yes. let's have an opinion. We need and have the right to have and give our opinion... but let's not judge, let's not close ourselves up, let's not emprison ourselves. 
Give your opinion and be open to others. Open yourself to what you don't know, to what you don't know you don't know...

Judging speaks of you, not of the other.

To judge can be to despise, to put oneself on top of the other. It is assuming that you have the truth...the only truth.
It's closing yourself off from other ways of thinking, of living, of understanding. It is about denying diversity, differences....
Only differences enrich, not similarities...
To judge members of your team is to see them with their shortcomings, not with their wealth. It's taking away their potential. 

To express an opinion is to express yourself, to be assertive, courageous, open to debate, it is to build in order to achieve results. 
Speaking out your opinion is sharing in order to understand, give feedback, challenge, accompany and help your team to reach their potential.

Speak up and don't judge. Accept, enrich yourself with diversity.
What do you think?

Are you making an opinion or a judgment?