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Thursday 16 November 2017

Leadership is about Context & Connection

Companies struggle to create accountability, ownership and leadership at all levels...

The perception is that there are people who decide and others that execute... The relationships tend to be unbalanced, communications are mainly one way, the connection between deciders and doers is low...

What are the consequences?

Collaborators have low levels of motivation, commitment and engagement. The quality and service standards are average. In a difficult economical environment, the levels of tension and stress build up and paralyse the teams further more...

The truth is, neither the managers nor the collaborators feel happy about the situation...
The former don’t feel confident and trusting with their teams and people.
The latter don’t feel listened to nor taken into account and develop automated and routine attitudes.

You know what: This can change!

Leadership is about creating the Connection and Context that enable change and 
deliver performance.
Connection that enhances open and closer communications and develops relationships.
A Context that makes it possible to negotiate alliances with collaborators and teams with a shared commitment on common objectives.

Context & Connection.

Work on these two key drivers and you will create the team engagement and support you've always dreamt of!

The dream team at an arm’s reach! Think about it!

Any thoughts?

Thursday 19 October 2017

The Four Key Principles of the Wise Leader

A collaborator comes to the wise leader and says:
- I have to tell you about the behaviour of one your team members
The wise leader:
- Let me stop you: Have you passed what you mean to tell me through the three filters test ?
- The three filters ?
- Your words must pass through three filters . The first is the truth. Have you checked that what you want to tell me is true?
- No, I have heard about it and ...
- Well, then you have certainly made it go through the second filter, that of goodness. Is what you want to tell me something good?
- No, quite the opposite ....
- Turning then to the third filter: is what you want to say useful?
- Useful? Not really ...
- Well... if what you want to tell me is neither true nor good nor useful, I prefer not to hear it. As for you, I advise you to just forget it….
- Ok…
- Nonetheless tell me more. I am grateful that you came to see me. I would like to hear more from you. How are you? …  How are you doing? ... How do you see your job? Your results? Any ideas, suggestions, desires, ambitions….? Any engagements I can help you with?

Truth, Goodness, Utility, … Empathy.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

The Mask

Extraordinary David Bowie

Wednesday 22 February 2017

E-motion, energy for movement.

Data never motivated anyone.
Facts either.

What motivates people are emotions.
Emotions are generated by the meaning of what you do or what you want to achieve, through feelings, relationships, sense of belonging, by the group, the team, from the pride of being part of something big, ambitious, generous, that contributes, adds value ...

Until the end of the 20th century we thought humans made decisions only on a rational, objective, logical basis ...

From "I think so I am" to "I feel so I am."

In the late 90's Antonio Damasio scientifically demonstrated that reality is the opposite: decisions are emotional ... Without emotion no evaluation is possible, what is right or wrong, better or worse can not be defined ... no decision is possible .

Emotion is energy.
E-motion, energy for movement.

The industrial revolution was based on people being objective and rational resources for production. Human resources.

The modern, post-industrial world must take into account the emotional dimension in order to motivate and mobilise people.
Today it has become essential to give and bring meaning, share strong human values, build confidence and courage in order to generate commitment and performance within teams.

What do you think?
How do you feel?

Monday 2 January 2017

Free and Committed

Our challenge is to be free

Free from appearances, prejudices, limiting beliefs, stereotypes, superficialities...
Free from our automatisms, our shortcomings ...

It is difficult to be free ... It is difficult not to compare oneself, not to respond to other's expectations, not to let others define you, not to try to please or to appear...
It's complicated not to be demanding with oneself, not to be dissatisfied, tense.

It is necessary to know yourself ... to have visited each corner of your intimacy ... to have experienced every emotion, feeling, thought, to have looked at yourself in the mirror... It is important to have seen yourself react, to have observed yourself in action, in paralysis, in success, in failure ...

You need to accept, to forgive, to love yourself ...
So you can be committed, take action, dare, go forward...

What do you want for this new year?
What do you commit to?