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Thursday 14 February 2019

From top performer to average leader

Developing and promoting top performers is key. It enhances employee loyalty, increases the chances of keeping high potentials in house and contributes to building a performance and trust driven company culture.
Surpringly it also has many possible drawbacks.
The first is taking away top contributors from their Expertise, where they create most value to the business.
The second is that what makes collaborators be high performers can often be what makes them be mediocre managers, unaware of the Process of managing teams.
The third is that as a consequence the company culture may be damaged by unadapted Leadership styles.

  1. Expertise
When your way of doing things works it's great.
You've been reviewing and improving it for many years to make it effective..
But don't transform it in THE one and only WAY of doing things.
When you get to manage, take a step back and support your team members in finding their own way to outperform.

  1. Process
Leadership is not only about being an expert in your field, on the area, on the content. It can help but it can also sabotage you.
Leadership is about process, about creating and maintaining the most adequate context for the team to be inspired, motivated, challenged and for them to overdeliver.
Don’t struggle to be right. Fight for results.

  1. Leadership
Give your team what they need. A safe but challenging environment where they can express themselves, help them find their way of doing things, learn and improve.
Enhance team spirit and values.

Promote discipline

Share and work closely
Adapt to each team member.

Management and Leadership are not innate.
Give your management team the means to learn to become authentic leaders.