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Thursday 25 September 2014

Demanding and Forgiving

In most companies the challenges are so high in terms of competitiveness and profitability that they affect the levels of confidence and efficiency of collaborators.

It is when companies need the most to be able to fight or innovate that the context encourages collaborators to be cautious and conservative in their attitudes.

All companies have systems that deal with objectives, duty, commitment ... and punishment ... In trying to organize and systematize procedures, they kill diversity and individuality, they muzzle initiative and innovation.

A powerful management value can balance the situation: the ability to forgive.

Forgiveness is not that present in companies because success is an obligation, a requirement. Success is not negotiable. Accepting forgiveness would open the door to error, to failure. Unacceptable!

The ability to forgive is the foundation of trust.
Forgiving mistakes or failures gives the opportunity to learn in order to improve, to miss in order to succeed.

The best professionals are not those who never make mistakes. They are those who fail and learn their lessons.

Do you give your team a chance?
Do you create an environment of trust that allows novelty, difference?
Can you forgive?

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Tuesday 9 September 2014

How do you treat yourself?

Are you managing your energy, your schedule, your desires, your goals in a flexible and reasonable way, always looking for your wellness and balance?
Do you strive to get what you decided to get, do you put pressure on yourself to move, study, work, finish your tasks and get the results that you decided?

How do you perceive your life?

Is it a subtle balance of work, performance, and good times to have fun and enjoy?
Is it like a long distance race where there is little time and much to do?

Are you self-demanding?
How do you perceive yourself?
How do you judge yourself?
Can you forgive yourself?

How do you manage your balance?
Do you take care of yourself?

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